My goal is to create an anti-bullying movement known as #BullyGate

There are many forms of bullying such as physical, social, or verbal.

Bullying affects millions of people each year and thousands of victims commit suicide each year.

Unfortunately, many people like to blame the victim but in reality, it is not the fault of the victim; instead, it is the fault of the system.

We need to add new laws in order to make bullying taken seriously.

We need to have laws that will invest more money in mental health, have aggressive awareness campaigns on bullying and mental health, and declare that each school should have at least one person who is officially in charge of addressing bullying, discrimination, and violence.

I personally feel that the criminal justice system should take severe bullying seriously which it has not done in recent years in Canada or the United States.

It is crucial that society treats the mental health issues of both the bullies and the victims of bullying. Often, many bullies have mental health problems of their own.

I believe that society should have more empathy for victims of bullying, a problem that is pervasive in schools as well as certain workplaces. As a society, we can do much better and we should do much better.

My first novel has many parts inspired by the bullying I faced in real life. My novel “The Angel of Death Origins” which I published in October 2022 is available in eBook and paperback format on Amazon.