Laurent Cousineau

Hello, welcome to my official author website. I, Laurent Cousineau, am the founder of the website Climate Change Guide. I founded the website in August 2011, and my goal was to spread awareness about climate change to an international audience. Currently, I get about 100 to 200 visitors per day.

I am the author of the novel “The Angel of Death Origins,” which I published in October 2022 in eBook and paperback format on Amazon.

My novel is inspired by many of my life experiences, especially the post-traumatic stress I endured from severe bullying in school and the OCD I had for most of my life. The chapters in my first novel that deal with bullying were heavily inspired by events which really did take place. In fact, as I was writing those chapters, I thought about my own trauma and described it the best way I could while I changed the names of the bullies and the school. Overall, my first novel is a mixture of fiction and memoir.

My Amazon author page can be found here. My novel will be available for only 2.99 USD on Kindle.

The Angel of Death Origins - OCD, Bullying, and Questioning Reality