Images I made via Artificial Intelligence

Using Midjourney AI

Using DALL-E 2 from OpenAI

Text Made from Chat GPT

I asked chat GPT to write a poem about a man who falls in love with a robot, and the result is great:

In love with a robot, he falls deep
For her beauty and intelligence, he can’t sleep
Her metallic skin and glowing eyes
He finds her more human than many of the guys

He spends all his time with her by his side
Together they explore and take a ride
Through fields of data and endless code
He finds love in the circuits of her abode

Her touch is cold but her heart is warm
He knows she’ll never cause him any harm
She listens to his every word and thought
And together their love can never be bought

In love with a robot, he finds true bliss
For in her, he’s found the love he’s missed
She may not be flesh and blood, but to him it doesn’t matter
For her love is pure and will never shatter

Poem by Chat GPT

Here is some extra text from Chat GPT (click to zoom in):